7 Things That Make Shanghai Unique

1. The word shanghai comes from the root word Shangzlan (upon) and hailhae(sea). Combined they mean “upon the sea”

2. Shanghai is the Biggest & most populous city in china

According to census 2010 population of Shanghai is above 26 million. City’s 90% population is urban and remaining belongs to rural area. In 2017 Chinese government put into effect population control for Shanghai.

3. Shanghai Transport

Shanghai has world’s top class transport system including railways, buses and taxis. It is also home to busiest port of the world Shanghai port in terms of container handling. In 2010 Shanghai port became first busiest port pushing behind Singapore port.

Shanghai has some of the fastest trains like Maglev which cruise at a flying speed of 430 km/hr.

Furthermore, Shanghai metro system is the largest metro system in the world.

Shanghai Facts, A City That Never Sleeps

4. Shanghai is the Economy center and business hub

Shanghai is the lifeline and business hub of China and ranks 5th in Global Financial Centres Index. Main business centres of China are Shanghai World Finanacial Centre, Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shanghai port. Red About Abu Dhabi

5.Religion in Shanghai city

Being a cosmopolitan city shanghai has a blend of different cultures and religions. 87% of Shanghai people are either irreligious or worshippers of nature deities. They follow the traditional faith. 10.4% population adheres to Buddhism. Islam is a growing religion in china now.

6. Shanghai Tourism

Shanghai attracts tourists and foreigners by thousands and is brimming with exotic culture throughout the year. Air and sea connectivity makes Shanghai an easily approachable destination for the holiday lovers. Some famous parks make Shanghai a hot opt for hangout

People’s Park, Fuxing park, Zhongshan park, Lu Xun park and Century park are among them. Shanghai Disneyland is also a wonderful place to visit.

Shanghai is also home to many popular museums. Chinese Art museum, Shanghai Science and Technology museum, Shanghai Natural History museum and Songze museum are some of them. Visit Along With Cameras

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is china’s one of the largest aquarium.

7.  Common Sports of Shanghai

Shanghai hosts many football teams- Chinese super league and Shanghai SIPG. Shanghai has an ice hockey team known as China Dragon. It hosts F1 race course Chinese Grand prix. Best Laptop