Increasing traffic jams and time consuming journeys have pushed the man to develop a new type of air transportation known as passenger drones or flying taxi is a type of Unmanned Aerial vehicle or UAV. Golden Rules To Be A Happy

Growing need to save time, especially in emergency has inspired the innovators take technology to the air. Passenger drones are being used in highly developed metropolis as a unique way of commuting between places. Initially the drone taxi was innovated for the military purpose but now it is being developed for the city commuters. Though, the rich and affluent can afford the flying taxi but it can be seen as a future of transportation.Canon EOS 1300D Camera

World’s top cities like Dubai are using Drone taxis for flying from one place to another.

The Ehang 184 a made in china autopilot drone can carry a man of 220 pounds for 30 minutes at a speed of 100 kph.

These Radio controlled taxis receive instructions from a command centre and fly without any assistance from the occupant.

Passenger Drones Future of city Transportation

Limitations of a Drone taxi

  • A flying drone cab can take only one passenger over shorter journeys of about 50 kilometers.
  • Collision avoidance is major challenge as there is no pilot to handle the crisis.
  • Airspace regulations must be followed during the flying operation.

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