How To be Happy At office And Management

A boss is a leading authority of a team. All members rely and depend on him for everything they do at an office. Being a boss and throwing orders at juniors is as easy as ABC but a wise man would hold one’s tongue until the right moment and share their point as an employee not as a superior. Red About Abu Dhabi Economy

Some golden rules have been explained in order to bust the orthodox and stereotype notion of a boss. About Abu Dhabi

Golden Rules To Be A Happy And A Great Boss @ Workplace
  • Always be punctual and reach in good time at office. It boosts your confidence and set you in a better position to start you day.
  • Meet with people with a wide grin on your face, It makes them feel that you are happy to work with them.
  • Never cut down your juniors in front of each other. It spreads animosity among them and breeds inferiority complex.
  • Host a bash once in a while and invite your team members cordially. An informal meeting and sharing light moments together removes any negative feelings.
  • Give a random half day off to the team members. A surprise relief brings joy and satisfaction to people.
  • Hold meetings one in a fortnight to discuss vital issues and work strategies.
  • Listen to the problems of your subordinates, personal or official alike & endeavor to rectify them
  • Be congenial and amiable while talking with other teams.
  • Recognize the dedicated candidates and motivate them to achieve more.
  • Inspire your employees. Love your work and adopt new ways of working efficiently while keeping the norms.
  • Think as a manager; act like an employee.
  • Never blame your team for making mistakes but share the blame positively;work out the problem and plan to make up for the loss.
  • Be the last one to speak; usually boss would advance to put suggestions or ideas but a wise boss would let others say and then finally make his point.Top Business Plans For Student
Golden rules to be a happy and a great Boss at workplace