Global Facts About Godrej The World never Knew.

Headquartered in Mumbai, India Godrej is a conglomerate of many subdivisions and is run by Godrej family itself. Godrej group was founded in 1897. After the onset of burglaries in Mumbai two brothers Ardeshir and Pirojsha planned to venture into a lock manufacturing company. After many failed attempts, a young Parsi lawyer by profession Ardeshir breaks ground and starts making quality locks. Visit Abu Dhabi

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Global facts about Godrej the world never knew.

Godrej Industries since 1918

1918:- Godrej introduces world’s first oil soap with no animal fat.

1923:- enters steel almirah manufacturing.

1951:- Godrej get order to build ballot boxes for first election post- independence.

1952:- launches Cinthol brand.

1958:- Starts making refrigerators first time in India.

1974:- Makes entry into production of hair colour products.

1994:- Buys Translektra that manufactures “Good Knight” mosquito mats.

2008:- developed launch vehicle and for lunar orbiter for Chandrayaan 1.

After seeing constant progress in Indian giant Godrej might undergo a huge restructuring of business and subsidiaries as the new generation is at loggerheads about the functioning and business policies. Following a 122 years of legacy and strategy the brand Godrej may face potential changes in business strategies. Panacea Plant’s

Global facts about Godrej the world never knew.