Economy of Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi is world’s top notch oil producing spot. Much part of Abu Dhabi’s growth is based on revenue coming from natural resources like Petroleum and gases. This desert paradise was seemingly a wilderness few decades ago. Unknown to the rest of the world soon Abu Dhabi picked up pace with time and today it has established itself as an inspiration and epitome of success and prosperity.

Economy of Abu dhabi

Another major factor contributing to Abu Dhabi’s progress is tourism industry which has added significant portion to GDP and per capita income. Many enthusiast and vivacious foreigners visit the capital of United Arab Emirates to explore the unrevealed secrets of Abu Dhabi. It gives a boom to the Economy. Abu Dhabi shines as a star on the map of the world. No place in today’s age even comes closer.

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Yas Marina Circuit (Economy of Abu Dhabi)

Many Sport organizations including car race course like Yas Marina circuit have given a new turn to the planning of the Economy. Many shopping malls and entertainment industries have set up state-of-the-art centers where thousands of people flock every day. International brands from Footwear to Fashion, Electronics to Automobile keep the shoppers busy all day and night. New exotic restaurants have opened bringing cross cultural culinary arts and ancient treasure and style of cooking. Night clubs give new dimensions to Abu Dhabi attracting western and European people.

Yas Marina circuit

Desert safari is an exclusive sport that has gained fame all across the continents. Creative entrepreneurs have given a thrill to the drab golden sand dunes and have animated the life of Abu Dhabi.

Construction of Business hubs such as Capital Gate Building sets a new record in the history of United Arab Emirates. It has already pulled many foreign investors across the globe to establish their new ventures in Abu Dhabi. Wait for More about Economy of Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed mosque is a magnificent mega-structure that takes the glory of UAE higher and higher. This uniquely designed mosque has capacity for 40000 people at a time.

Besides all Abu Dhabi International Dance Festival (ADIDF) , Abu Dhabi Film Festival (ADFF), Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (ADIBF) are the carnivals held by Abu Dhabi government to promote international events and pull more business.

Moreover, unique sports like Camel Racing and Desert safari give thrills and spills to the participants and the spectators alike.

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