Planned on Monday July 15, 2:51 a.m. ISRO has submitted Chandrayan-2 is the most ambitious mission of India to land on Moon’s surface to further study of Lunar topography, mineral identification and distribution seismography, surface chemical composition and thermo-physical characteristic of soil. Today Teer Lottery Result Meghalaya Assam Shilong, Juwai Khanapara

Chandrayan-2 India on mission to explore Lunar surface

The mission aims to explore the South Polar region of Moon. It is the first attempt from Indian scientists to conduct soft landing on moon surface. The South Pole region is a matter of interest as it remains in shadow most of the time. Passenger Drones Future

ISRO said that it would carry out studies on discoveries made by Chandrayan-1 – presence of water molecules on the moon and new rock compositions. Through this activity a deeper insight of the moon’s structure and soil composition could be achieved. Dubai, The Business Hub

Journey from Earth to Moon

For the Chandrayan-2 project Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will employ a totally new carrier called GSLV Mk III (Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark III) aka “Bahubali

The first part of the spacecraft Vikram is timed to land near South Pole of Moon on Sep 6 2019. Next part, the Rover will come into action which will conduct the experiments for one Lunar day which equals 14 days on Earth. Click Here For Amazon Best Offers