Canon EOS 1300D Camera

Canon EOS 1300D is an acme of a compact photography camera. It not only captures high quality images but captures your heart and soul with its 18.0 mega pixel CMOS sensor. Canon EOS 1300D is categorized as Digital single-lens reflex camera which uses CMOS technology to produce best quality pictures.

Designed to grab your attention and compel you to explore its meticulously crafted smooth shiny body. Every ounce of this camera is loaded with marvels. Whether it is your grandpa’s anniversary feast or your friend’s birthday bash or a scene of sundown Canon EOS 1300D camera (You Can Buy on Amazon) is always ready for action. Take it anywhere and it will bring back unforgettable memories with it.

Canon EOS 1300D Camera, Designed To Steal The Show

Canon EOS 1300D Specifications

  • APS-C CMOS sensor is innovated to capture all the details of whatever you’re shooting. Canon EOS 1300D possesses the ability to take shots in low light conditions, thanks to its long ISO range of ISO 100-6400 (expandable up to 12,800). Coca-Cola & Cafe Coffee Day
  • DSLR (Digital Single-Lens reflex) photography lets your subject appear crystal clear while blurring the background imparting you with the delicacy to take stills without having professional photography experience. Abu Dhabi Economy
DSLR (Digital Single-Lens reflex

Video Recording

  • Canon EOS 1300D Records 1080p Full HD quality video with drop frame timing; 720p HD video recording and 480p ED video recording.

Signal Processor

  • Canon EOS 1300D packs DIGIC 4+ processor that enables it to shoot pictures with perfect details along with natural colour & contrast.
Signal Processor

Canon EOS 1300D replaces Canon EOS 1200D which is a predecessor of it.

Signal Processor


  • Connect Canon EOS 1300D to smart phones and computers with the help Wi-Fi and NFC (near field connectivity) and share your pictures and videos effortlessly within no time. Business Tips

So start your photographic journey with the ultimate companion by your side, the Canon EOS 1300D.

Canon EOS 1300D Camera
Canon EOS 1300D Camera