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Abu Dhabi, a land of desert was always imagined as arid and dull with a outmoded lifestyle and uninhabitable surroundings.But in last few years the city of Abu Dhabi, with its advance development and cross cultural events, has caught the attention of world’s most advanced countries ,especially USA, China, Japan. Abu Dhabi is the capital of United Arab Emirates and stands second in rank as most populated city in UAE. Abu dhabi in English translates as the “Father of gazelle” , probably for having large number of Gazelles in the region.

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Most famous icons of Abu Dhabi enumerated below. These buildings and places tell the real enticing story of United Arab Emirates.

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Sheikh Zayed mosque

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Built in 2007 sheikh zayed mosque is a grand symbol of global Islamic architecture and splendor. The sheikh zayed mosque can take over 40000 worshipers at any given time and allows non Muslim visitors for touring. Its construction remains one of the biggest ventures of all time. Sheikh zayed mosque is fully built with marble and flooring uses colorful patterned tiles.

The Sheikh zayed mosque presents a breathtaking view to the visitors. Some key features of the mosque are.

  • Worlds’s biggest carpet was laid on its floor inside the mosque
  • More than 1000 knotters worked day and night to finish the job
  • weight of the carpet is about 35 tons.
  • Sheikh zayed mosque houses 82 domes

Yas Marina Cicuit

Yas Marina Cicuit

Abu Dhabi owns world class Formula one race track. Opened in Oct 2009 Yas Marina is a masterpiece of engineering. Total length of the course is 5.52 KM; 21 turns and curves.The Yas Marina circuit was designed by Hermann Tilke, a German engineer who has designed several Car racing circuits around the world.

Yas Island

Yas Island

One of the main attractions of Abu Dhabi is the Yas Island. Its foundation was laid on Nov 2007 and the Island was uncovered to the public in Nov 2010. The project was undertaken by Aldar properties. Famous Yas Marina Circuit is also a part of Yas Island.

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Capital Gate Building

Capital Gate Building

The pride of Abu Dhabi Capital Gate Building is also known as Leaning tower of Abu Dhabi. Its tilt is more than that of Leaning tower of Pisa, Italy. Over 500 feet tall and having 35 floors it’s a very impressive building in the capital of Abu dhabi. Leaning at an angle of 18 deg west Capital gate holds the Guinness world record of  “Farthest manmade leaning tower”.

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